Friday, August 22, 2008

Another MMMBOP moment...

Campus is slowly getting more full. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Right now I feel like my social skills for groups of college students is at an all time low. Sorta like my freshman year when I came in not knowing anyone. Although there are a handful of people around campus that I am acquainted with. None as close as all of those who already are or will soon be miles away.

The RA's are already here. The Freshmen come in tomorrow. I am going to be helping with Computer Services to get the freshmen online and whatnot. The morning will be consumed with helping them pack things in. The afternoon will probably be more along the lines of what I'm actually there to do. But I guess what I'm there to do is to be a good example of a student worker at Bethel... or something cheesy like that.

It looks like the forecast is calling for chances of rain tomorrow. It rained last year. I helped people carry stuff in during a downpour. I was wet the rest of the day. The air was so humid. Drying out was virtually impossible until I returned to my apartment in the evening. Even then it was difficult.

I also have another going away party to go to tomorrow evening, as soon as I leave work. It's hard saying so many goodbye's. I just saw Sara for the last time for a while today. She stopped by before meeting with a co-worker. She had some things to print, so I got that done in the computer lab, and we hung out while waiting for her documents to print. It definitely took a while.

One thing I am glad of with the recent "goodbye's": They are not final. I've had some pretty finalized relationships since close to the end of last semester. Maybe it's one of those "agree to disagree" types of things... although not.... I'm not sure. These instances left me feeling like the time that I had invested was all for naught. They were kind of like an earthquake... Seemingly coming out of nowhere, but obviously there was something in the foundation that wasn't quite all together... so even though it wasn't seen, it was still felt. What caused the cracks in the foundation is uncertain. Maybe I didn't read the landscape properly. Maybe the land had fissures before it was settled upon. I'm not sure. But each instance was just as interesting as being woken up at 5:40am, shaken by some unseen force. It's not something I can really be angry about. Frustrated, maybe. Mostly because I wonder why. But the way I figure it, there are some ties that just come undone. Mmmbop. "Hold on to the one's who really care, coz in the end they'll be the only one's there."

Enough of my ramblings for now. Those are just some thoughts that have been deep on my mind lately and needed to be released. I don't feel like being specific about the instances I am speaking of, although some of you who read this could probably guess at least one.

I need some Jesus time. Just me and Him. Maybe Sunday afternoon would be good for that. I will have a busy week Monday with tech training, returning student move in, and classes starting.

Oh boy, here we go again.

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