Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm just sitting here thinking, listening to music, looking at pics on Flickr, and wishing it was already bedtime.

I went to the mall today after church coz i got bored with sitting here in the church by myself and not doing anything but sitting here on the internet pretty much doing nothing. I ended up buying a toy from a video game, coz i had seen it last week, and the pics of toys doing random things had sort of inspired me to try something new with my camera... And it is sort of serving as some motivation to think up things for the toy to "do" and take pics of it, if i can't think of something interesting from real life to take a picture of for my 365 thing.

My sunburn from last weekend is starting to not hurt quite as bad. It has been red, dry, peeling and sort of scabbing over some this past week. And it hurt like crazy. I couldn't even move my arms like normal this whole week coz my skin across the upper part of my chest was so dry that any kind of movement had me gasping in pain. If i learn one thing from an experience i am usually bound to forget something else... last year my feet got burnt so bad i couldn't wear shoes for almost a week... so i put sunscreen on my feet this year... i failed to reapply the sunscreen to basically any of my skin showing from the top of my swimsuit. My arms didn't get burnt too bad at all because they are mostly tanned from the rest of the summer prior to last weekend. Oh the joys of being part Irish...

Today was Amy's last Sunday at church before she goes to China. Tomorrow is her going away party, which i will only be able to catch the tail end of because of work.

Anyway... i really do wish it was bedtime. I'm bored out of my mind right now and i really have nothing to do....

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