Friday, August 8, 2008

I am currently sitting in my apartment at the church, which is quite chilly at the moment. I am already in my pj's and am thinking about going to bed soon. I feel like I have been sleeping too much lately. Maybe my body is just trying to catch up for the school year. I need some discipline in my life. With my sleep schedule, eating habits, studying habits, exercising schedule, and most especially my God time...

This whole summer I have not really had a day to myself to go spend with God and just not have any responsibilities. I've been working most of the week, and when i'm not working on campus i'm doing stuff here at the church. On Monday's I do stuff at the church and on campus. I've not had a "Sabbath" since... well, I can't really remember.

Today, though, I was informed of a scheduled power outage of the building that I work in on campus. Who knows why... probably to upgrade some electric lines in it or something. But that means that I am not going in to work tomorrow!!!! :) I have the day off. I'm going to spend some time outside of the apartment... maybe hang out at a coffee shop or something... spend most of the day with analog technology, i.e. a book or two and pen and paper, instead of digital technology, i.e. my computer.

I was just thinking yesterday about how I had not gotten a day off for a while, and now I have one! Praise God! :)

I'm sure there's deeper thoughts in my head somewhere, but this is really all I have for now. I have not taken enough time away from everything to meditate on God and His Word and all... so I'm pretty excited.

My parents and my brother and his fiance are all getting together this weekend for a cookout in celebration of my brother and my Dad's b-days this coming week. I wish that I could be home for that.

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