Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The back of my head on the right side currently feels like someone is brushing a searing hot feather across it... That's the only way i can describe the weird feeling right now. It has me twitching every once in a while just coz of it being in a really bothersome spot. I woke up this morning to turn over and as i lay in bed i could not get back to sleep because it started to hurt/itch/whatever that feeling is described as. I felt like crying this morning. I kind of feel like crying now. The work day is going by so slowly, coz i'm in the office all day, i'm trying not to scratch my head, and i really can't scratch my head, coz that's not going to help matters any. It's the nerves that are being bothered, my skin only barely with the bumps from it. But it's the deeper nerves there being bothered. I can't do anything about it, but take my anti-viral medication.

This is driving me nuts.....

Thanks for the prayers.

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