Friday, August 15, 2008

soreness, deer, music... (can you tell i'm tired?)

I have moved my stuff in to my new residence for the next four months. I am going to be getting settled in for the next couple of weeks or so. It's going to take a bit to get settled in.

As i was unloading my car i heard a noise in the trees beside the house, just across from where i was parked. There, standing in the middle of the trees, was a young deer. I could not tell whether it was a male or female. It was just young and spotted. It stood there, staring at me with big eyes, watching as i went to and from the house, getting stuff from my car and packing it in to the house. It finally sat down in the middle of a pile of leaves, and just gazed off, watching something else. I had gone inside and got some carrots out of the fridge that i've had for a bit. I thought maybe the deer might eat them. We'll see. I might check later on. It didn't make a move for them when i went to put them near it. I don't know where it lives, or where its mother is. I just can't believe the poor thing is living in the middle of the city :(

Currently, my whole body is aching from packing a bunch of stuff down the stairs this morning, and yesterday... and having to go back up the stairs each time to get another load! My hips hurt like crazy from lifting things and going up and down the stairs. I just can't wait to get back to the room tonight, find my bedding so i can make my bed and go to sleep. I still work tomorrow during the day. No Pulse Fest for me tomorrow. I thought about it, but never asked off. Oh well. Not too many people i want to see anyway. Casting Crowns would be nice to see live, but i don't think i could take seeing Toby Mac. I like some of his music. His new song is cool. Some of his songs just annoy me.

At least we cleaned the apartment today, before leaving, so i won't have to run over there after work tomorrow. That will be good. I can just focus on getting some more of my things organized before my roommate comes on Sunday.

For now i am sitting here in the lab just trying to stay awake. All i want to do right now is take off my shoes and chill. I really need to shower too... that would feel amazing... We have a tub in our house... it's kind of small though, or i might just try to find my epsom salt and soak for a while to get rid of some of the soreness in my muscles.... I'm just glad that my bedroom has a window a/c unit... :) cold nights where i can bundle up! Yay! :)

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